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Company Profile

At Blow Mould Engineering we are very proud of our success, and continually strive to keep our clientele satisfied through excellent customer service and the manufacturing of quality products. Our commitment to innovation and fine workmanship is what allows us to create lasting relationships with our clients and provide them with tailor-made solutions which maximize their success and efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

  • Strong team of engineers, designers and certified mould makers
  • Technologically advanced manufacturing processes
  • Custom packaging solutions
  • Over 28 years in business
  • Excellent customer service

Mission Statement

We are currently in our 28th year of operations at Blow Mould Engineering (BME). We specialize in conceptual design, engineering, manufacturing, service and reconditioning of extrusion (shuttle & rotary), stretch and injection blow moulds for the plastics container industry.

At BME, we believe a product does not become the standard of its industry by accident. It is the distinction that must be earned by commitment to design, engineering, and workmanship of its products, and services.

There are resources in a company that cannot be listed in a brochure-our people. I am proud of our people. Many of them have been with us for over 10 years. Our team of designers, engineers, and certified mould makers provide a unique capability in custom production of moulds and tooling. The goal of narrowing lead times is achieved by using BME's standard mould bases & components, and technologically-advanced manufacturing processes. With these goals, BME's team is producing superior quality moulds and tooling.

In addition to all mechanical process controls, to ensure that quality maintains consistently high levels throughout all stages. "In process quality control" procedures are performed to ensure all raw materials and final product conforms to design specification and customer requirements.