Extrusion blow molding is a method of creating shapes out of melted plastic. The melted plastic is extruded into a hollow tube and then transferred to a cooled metal mold. Air is then blown into the hollow tube, inflating it into the desired container shape. Some unique advantages of using this method include low tool and die costs, fast production rates and the ability to mold complex parts.

There are two types of extrusion blow moulding: continuous and intermittent. We are capable of utilizing both of these methods in our manufacturing processes.

Continuous Extrusion Blow Moulding:

  • Continuous shuttle monolayer
  • Continuous shuttle coextrusion
  • Continuous rotary wheel monolayer
  • Continuous rotary wheel coextrusion

Intermittent Extrusion Blow Moulding:

  • Intermittent reciprocating screw monolayer
  • Intermittent reciprocating screw coextrusion
  • Intermittent accumulator screw monolayer
  • Intermittent accumulator screw coextrusion
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