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Blow Mould Engineering is dedicated to producing only the highest quality packaging products. No matter if you opt to use one of our many moulds, or choose to come up with a brand new design of your own, we ensure that we will provide you with an efficient and superior packaging solution.

The success of Blow Mould Engineering has been built on the knowledge and dedication of our experienced staff who have many years of experience behind their belts. Our staff is continually updating their skills and knowledge in order to provide our customers with access to all the competitive advantages of the most current best practices, equipment and materials.

  • Mould Makers Licenses
  • Machinist Licenses
  • Engineering Degrees
  • Solid Works Certification
  • Professional Mechanical Design Technicians
  • Tool and Die Technicians

In addition to us employing highly experienced personnel, our production undergoes rigorous testing in order to maintain high levels of quality. We use several quality management procedures, and continuously inspect our products to make sure that we provide packaging solutions that meet customer expectations every single time.